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Sustainable Campus Fee Committee 

This committee is an official Standing Committee of the university administration formed in 2008 when the student fee was instated. Its membership is comprised of students, faculty and staff. The purpose of the committee is to administer the student fee funds to advance sustainability initiatives on campus. 

Submissions will be considered on a first come first serve basis. Submissions are only reviewed during the academic year. 

Sustainable Campus Fee Request Form

Category of Request*
Check one.
Describe what this project will accomplish, and be as specific as possible. Identify the hardware, software, and physical facilities already available and describe how they will be used to support/augment this project. In your description estimate the number of persons (students, faculty, staff, and community) and describe how they will directly benefit. If this project is to fund a study for an initiative, then focus on implementable initiatives that are economically feasible and do not duplicate prior studies. If this project is to fund research it should focus on the categories stated above and have a significant level of student involvement. (maximum 250 words)
List any other requirements, not included in this proposal, that are essential to its success: (for example, HVAC, lighting, data ports, fiber connections, room remodeling, staffing needs, etc.)
How does this project address the goals and objectives of the Sustainable Fee Committee as stated above? Does this proposal exceed expectations; in what way? (maximum 150 words)
One-time expenditures (round to the nearest $100).