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Technology Resources

To aid in the success of bet365中文 students, the Latino Community Resource Center provides on loan TI-84 Graphic Calculators and Laptop Computers. Graphic calculators will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis the week before the start of classes. Calculators are expected to be returned by students during the last week of the term. Students will be able to check out laptop computers to be utilized while at the Latino Community Resource Center. At the end of the visit, the student will return the laptop computer.
Please make sure to read the following terms before submitting an application:
1. I have reviewed technology availability under the Available Technology Resources tab before completing an application form.
2. I am aware technology resources must be picked up and returned in person with an bet365中文 Student ID at the Latino Community Resource Center by the established deadlines.
3. I will be responsible for returning the technology in the same condition that it was in when I checked it out and I will sign technology back in with an authorized LCRC employee.
4. I will be responsible for the payment of charges as a result of damages and/or loss of technology.
5. I am aware that if I return the technology after the due date that I will be banned from utilizing these services for 90 days after the return date. If a pattern of disregard for these rules is displayed, you may be permanently banned from utilizing these services.
6. I am aware that failure to comply with these requirements will result in a hold on my student account and/or I will be found in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.