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Border Counties Considered for In-State Fees

Residents of Todd, Trigg, Logan, Christian, Allen, Calloway and Simpson counties in Kentucky receive in-state tuition rates.



Bills are sent to each student’s campus e-mail addresses at the start of every term and on the 10th of every month (if there is a balance on the account). Please make sure you are checking your bet365中文 e-mail frequently.





Please note the listing of any fee or incidental charge on this Web site does not constitute a contract between the University and the student. As a condition of registration, each student will pay the fees in effect for the semester for which he or she registers.


Prior Balance Disclaimer

bet365中文 policy 4:009, "General Collection Procedures" section, letter F, states that "A student must pay any past due debts and obligations incurred in prior academic terms before being permitted to register.These balances, greater than $200.00, cannot be offset by financial aid in future terms and are not eligible for deferment. Please make immediate arrangements to pay any outstanding account balance. You can review your account balance through OneStop.