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Challenge Course

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Govs Outdoors' Challenge Course programs are designed to help teams learn and grow together. Adaptable to groups of all ages, we can provide opportunities to explore group dynamics, individual and team strengths, and leadership styles.

We offer initiatives and low-ropes elements that are suitable for all participants. The challenge course is for all participants regardless of activity or ability level. Participation is about finding each individual's best contribution to the team's goals, support and encouragement. 

Half Day Programs are our specialty, and typically include 3-5 hours of activity on the low-ropes course. Lunch breaks or other rest time can be built in if desired. This is the most beneficial programming option, and prices will vary based on group size and program length. 


Challenge Course Express is a new offering for groups of 20 or fewer to run 2 hours or less right at the Foy Fitness and Recreation Center. Challenge Course Express is a great ice-breaker and kickstarter for small groups and teams and focuses on initiatives and communication challenges. Challenge Course Express is $75 and is for campus-affiliated groups only.

Games and Ice-Breakers

All programs will begin with warm-up games and ice breakers to help participants familiarize with each other and prepare for activity.



Group initiatives will challenge the group's problem solving and critical thinking. Facilitators will sequence initiatives to be progressive, reinforcing group strengths while providing opportunities to improve in weaker areas. Facilitators are trained to develop and adapt the sequence to their group's performance as they move through different challenges.


Low Ropes Elements

This is the capstone experience of our challenge course. Building on initiatives, low elements will have groups negotiate obstacles just off the ground as a team. The communication skills, understanding of group members' strengths and trust will solidify and pay off in this stage of the program. 

Challenge Course Participants must be prepared for activity. Programs are designed for individuals in moderate to good health. Weather may not be ideal, especially in the summer and winter, but changing conditions are an element of challenge. Govs Outdoors will always take steps to combat the risks and adapt the program to the weather.



  • All participants are required to sign an Activity Waiver and Release form
  • Participants under the age of 18 must have their form cosigned by a parent or legal guardian
  • Closed-toe shoes are required; generally, participants should be dressed for activity and movement.
  • Participants must be able to understand and comply with facilitator instructions (in English) or provide their own translator or interpreter.

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Requests will not be accepted between May 6th and May 12th, 2023 due to staff training and availability. 

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