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President's Cabinet

Michael Licari
President, Austin Peay State University
E-mail: licarim@bhavnashamasunder.com

Brad Averitt
Assistant Executive Director of Alumni & Annual Giving
E-mail: averittb@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-6373

Kathrine Bailey
Director of Strategic Initiatives
E-mail: baileyk@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7989

Somaditya Banerjee
Associate Professor, Faculty Senate President
E-mail: banerjees@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7916

Chad Brooks
Associate Provost and Dean, College of Graduate Studies
E-Mail:  brooksc@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7415

Tucker Brown
Senior Vice Provost/Associate VP for Academic Affairs
E-Mail:  brownt@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7725

Marc Brunner
Director, University Design, Capital Planning & Construction
E-mail:  brunnerm@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-6154

Shelia Bryant
Director-EO/AA, ADA Coordinator, Deputy Title IX Coordinator
E-mail: bryantsm@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7178

Prentice Chandler
Dean, Eriksson College of Education
E-Mail:  chandlerp@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7511

Carol Clark
Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Board of Trustees
E-mail:  clarkc@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7570

Blayne Clements
Chief Audit Officer 
E-mail:  clementsb@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-4466

Leonard Clemons
Vice President for Student Affairs
E-mail: clemonsl@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7323

Amy Corlew
Executive Director of Admissions
E-mail: corlewa@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-6131

Maria Cronley
Provost & Senior VP for Academic Affairs 
E-mail:  cronleym@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7676

David Davenport
Director, University Recreation 
E-mail:   davenportdl@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7196

Loretta Griffy
Associate Vice President for Academic Strategic Initiatives and Foundation Engagement, Dean of University College
E-mail: griffyl@bhavnashamasunder.com

(931) 221-7634

Sondra Hamilton
Associate Vice President for Budget and Financial Planning
Email: hamiltons@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7667

Gerald Harrison
Vice President, Director of Athletics
E-mail: harrisongj@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7903

Mickey Hepner
Dean, College of Business
E-Mail:  hepnerm@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7675

William "Buzz" Hoon
Dean, College of Arts and Letters
E-mail:  hoonb@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-6445

Tom Hutchins
Executive Director, Physical Plant
E-mail: hutchinst@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-6330

Michael Kasitz
Assistant Vice President for Public Safety
E-mail: kasitzm@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7707

Andy Kean
Senior Director, University Facilities & Service
E-mail:  keana@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7845

Sherry Lawdermilt
Associate Vice President, Chief Information Officer
E-mail:  lawdermilts@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7129

Walter Lord
Vice President, Military Advisor in Residence
E-mail:  lordw@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7549

Andrew Luna
Executive Director of Decision Support and Institutional Research
E-mail: lunaa@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-6184

Martina Malvasi
Director, Library Services
E-mail: malvasim@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7613

Karen Meisch
Dean, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
E-mail: meischk@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7780

Joe Mills
Assistant VP for Student Affairs/Director of Housing, Residence Life and Dining Services
E-mail: millsj@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-6198

Campbell Moore
SGA President
E-mail: cmoore98@my.bhavnashamasunder.com

Benjamin Drummond
Executive Director, bet365中文 Center @ Fort Campbell
Email:  drummondb@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-1401

Bill Persinger
Executive Director, Public Relations & Marketing
E-mail: persingerb@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7459

Kris Phillips
Vice President for University Advancement
E-mail:   phillipsk@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7128

JaCenda D. Robinson
Assistant VP and Chief Human Resources Officer
E-Mail:  davidsonj@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7179

Shahrooz Roohparvar
Vice President for Finance and Administration
E-mail: roohparvars@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7883

Gena Shire Sgarlata
Academic Assistant to the Chair, Staff Senate President
E-mail: shiresgarlatag@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7333

Vonda St Amant
Executive Director, Advancement
E-mail: stamantv@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7199

Dannelle Whiteside
Vice President for Legal Affairs and Operational Strategy
E-mail: whitesided@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7580

Dlynn Williams 
Dean, College of Behavioral and Health Sciences
E-mail: williamsda@bhavnashamasunder.com 
(931) 221-6105

LaNeeca Williams
Chief Diversity Officer and Title IX Coordinator
E-mail: williamslr@bhavnashamasunder.com
(931) 221-7645