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The Austin Peay Experience

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We're here to prepare you for the life you want, which means giving you life-changing experiences and a college education. That's why we offer $2,000 transformative experience grants to fund your adventures – study abroad, innovative research, internships and more. You can even propose your own project to customize your experience and explore your own interests! We guarantee you'll graduate in four years, or the remaining tuition is on us.*

*Subject to terms and conditions.

Four-year Graduation Guarantee

We guarantee you haven’t experienced anything like Austin Peay. What do we mean? As Governors, we guarantee you’ll graduate in four years while participating in life-changing experiences. We’re so confident that you will thrive on our beautiful campus that we’re willing to put money on it. That’s what The Austin Peay Experience is all about.

The life you want begins at Austin Peay, and the sooner you start that life, the better. We know that life doesn’t include thousands of dollars in debt, so we’re guaranteeing that if you enroll in Summer 2024 or later, you will graduate in four years. If you don’t, we’ll pay whatever tuition remains for you to finish.

Learn more about the four-year graduation guarantee

Experience Grants

We want you to make the most of your time at Austin Peay, which is why we’re also investing in your experiences. The new Austin Peay Experience Grants provide you with an additional $2,000 for whatever adventures you crave – traveling to a foreign country, developing innovative research that can transform the world, joining an internship program, or attending conferences or events across the U.S. 

Learn more about the experience grants

Essential Resources to Your Success

The Office of Undergraduate Persistence has compiled a list of essential resources on campus that are key to your success at the university in your pursuit of graduation! 

The 4-year Resource Guide

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What do you want to experience?
Find it here and let us pick up the tab. It’s your life, and the life you want begins at Austin Peay.


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