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探索多样性 本科 and graduate degrees at Austin Peay, designed to offer a personalized and flexible experience. Choose from day, evening, and online courses across seven academic colleges and schools.

The journey may be challenging, but you’ll never walk it alone. 我们的集体努力 使伟大的成就成为可能.


将你雄心勃勃的目标和梦想变为现实. 将它们转化为可以实现的职业 改变世界. 我们会在这里帮助你的每一步.

Our commitment to providing the best educational experience remains constant, regardless 每个学生独特的人生道路. 利用来自 学生的成功, we assist you in navigating your academic journey.

Faculty and staff are dedicated to fostering your potential, ensuring you shine both 在校内外. 结果? 在研究、商业、科学、 还有艺术.




Austin Peay offers a wide array of degree concentrations, from associate’s and bachelor’s 教育领导学的博士学位. 六个学院,配备齐全 with state-of-the-art facilities and doctoral-trained faculty, prepare you for success 在专业领域.


项目区域: Art, communication arts, languages, literature, history, music, philosophy, theatre, and dance.


Mission: To promote the humanities and foster a deeper understanding of global culture.


学习环境: Structured, creative settings that encourage asking questions, solving problems, 承担风险. Our expert faculty help develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes for meaningful and productive lives as global citizens.


独一无二的机会: Hands-on experiences in artistic and scholarly activities, as well as public performances 和展览.


Check out all the 文学艺术学院 has to offer.


项目区域: Health sciences, psychology, social work, criminal justice, public health, and counseling.


Mission: To prepare students with the skills needed to build and maintain a healthy society.


学习环境: Our highly credentialed and experienced faculty provide real-world practice opportunities, 指导和个性化学习计划.


独一无二的机会: Community engagement projects, internships, and research opportunities in various 行为和健康科学领域.


Check out all the bet365中文 has to offer.




Mission: The bet365中文 商学院 is a teaching-focused business school committed to student success while serving the Clarksville and Nashville metropolitan areas. We strive to push students beyond the textbook and help them explore their passions, in order to empower our graduates to compete in a global economy.


学习环境: Beyond textbook learning, we emphasize experiential learning opportunities to strengthen critical thinking skills while exploring individual interests.


独一无二的机会: From day one, you'll receive personalized guidance from our team of professional advisors and a dedicated career coach, ensuring you stay on track with your individual career goals. Additionally, our program features exclusive networking events, funding opportunities for presenting academic research, comprehensive internship assistance, and international study programs that broaden your global perspective.




项目区域: Teaching and learning, educational leadership, and special education.


Mission: To train educators who will excel in their own classrooms as well as in broader 教育领导角色.


学习环境: Our programs offer multiple pathways for career changers and graduates from other fields, with a strong focus on real-world teaching practices.


独一无二的机会: Fieldwork, student teaching placements, and partnerships with local schools and 教育机构.


Check out all the Eriksson College of Education has to offer.


项目区域: Agriculture, astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, Earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, medical laboratory science, radiologic technology, physics, 和工程.


Mission: To prepare students for careers in industry, education, medicine, and government.


学习环境: Our programs are student-centered, emphasizing degree relevance to economic and 市场趋势及提倡终身学习.


独一无二的机会: Lab-based learning, research projects, internships, and collaborations with industry partners.




项目区域: Diverse advanced programs across multiple disciplines.


Mission: To foster an intellectual community focused on scholarship, research, and creative 参与全球社会需求的活动.


学习环境: Advanced learning within an environment of scholarship and research, encouraging 合作的机会.


独一无二的机会: Partnerships with private and public resources, advanced research projects, and 满足国家需求的项目.


Check out all the College of Graduate Studies has to offer.